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About Level 19

Level 19 is a new Arcade Bar at 12219 W Linebaugh Ave between Countryway and Racetrack Rd in Westchase. We also own the Surf Shack restaurant next door. Open past midnight daily except Sundays when we close at 9pm. Open in the afternoon on weekends.

Level 19 is designed to give people something to do! besides the ordinary at a restaurant and bar. Here you can eat from a full menu, drink from a full bar, and you can also PLAY!

We have craft beer on tap, craft cocktails, bottled beer and seltzers and plenty of spirits.

We are also family friendly; all ages are welcome until 8pm and the Surf Shack restaurant next door has always been very family friendly. After 8pm though Level 19 is 21 and older and becomes a bar and playground for the big kids.

Play Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox games while sitting at the bar using wireless controllers onto your choice of tv screen. Hangout with friends and play multi player games and if space allows, on multiple screens.

Play Pinball, Shooting games, Driving games, Basketball, Golden Tee Golf, Pacman and others.

We also have a full room dedicated to a Golf Swing Suite where you can play courses and different games using real clubs and balls.

Games will be changed out periodically to keep it fresh, there will be contests and tournaments as well.

We hope you enjoy Level 19!

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